Comprehensive Home Care Agency
In-Home Skilled nurse care

Special Services

Case Managements Services:

Our Case Managers are available to help out during times when family is not available. Duties typically performed by our case managers are:

  • Monitor and ensure that the goals of the service plan are being met
  • Monitor the quality of service provided by our staff
  • Set up medications into medi set's so that providers can administer them
  • Coordinate needed services with other providers such as:
    • Guardian
    • Trust officer
    • Physician
    • Accountant
    • Pharmacy
    • Home repair and maintenance
  • Ordering supplies and equipment
  • Attend physician visits with our client

Nursing Service:

Our Registered Nurse provides oversight to all services provided by Personal Home Care. Our RN typically provides:

  • Case setup and contracting
  • Service planning initial and ongoing
  • Assignment for care providers who administer medications
  • Delegation for special tasks of nursing such as:
    • Special diets
    • Medication management
    • Simple wound care
    • Ostomy care
    • Catheter care
    • Tube feeding
    • Diabetic care

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